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Welcome to the Motlekar Group

The Motlekar Group is a 100% Black-owned & Controlled Shareholder and ownership base.

We are balance of Expertise & Emerging Leadership. Our Investment strategy is to develop and foster entrepreneurial process, create intrinsic value and utilise such value for job creation and retention and other empowerment ventures.

We utilise shareholder advocacy to drive corporate social responsibility and to develop sustainable platforms for businesses to thrive in.

Our investment portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries, such as Mining, Development, Engineering and Telecommunications.

We are changing the way Africa does business

We are building the future of Africa with our diversified investment portfolio which ensures job creation, community development and realising the opportunities Africa has to offer

Mining & Engineering

Africa has many natural resources, we ensure that we ensure that our country benefits from these resources, while still ensuring that we do not negatively impact the enviroment.


We build the future cities of Africa. We have thus far built some of the most economical and affordable cities in the country, and this is just the start. We intend to change the way that cities are built.


Our investment strategy is based on ensuring that we have an impact on a variety of sectors and we consistently look for opportunity to shape the future of Africa for the benefit of every African


We are redefining conventional Telecommunications. We empower business to thrive by offering the most competitive call rates in the market as well as full service Cloud PBX solutions