GZM Developers

GZM Developers (Pty) Limited is a subsidiary company of the Motlekar Group


GZM’s operations cover all provinces of South Africa and Southern Africa. Each operation has established itself as a leading building contractor within its region.

This is how we are building the future of Africa


The South African based Building divisions offer their clients construction capabilities spanning hi-tech offices, retail, leisure & entertainment, high-rise residential, industrial, multi-storey parkades, airport and healthcare facilities.


GZM also undertakes select residential developments for major mining and industrial clients, as well as building low cost and affordable housing for the public sector (including retirement villages, staffing units for the hospitality industry, lifestyle estates, mass- and bondable).


Our low-level construction capabilities include the development and/or refurbishments of schools, student residences, magistrate courts and police stations. We also offer a single comprehensive solution to property developers seeking a partner, project manager or facilitator to assist with funding, facilitation and delivery of social- and rental housing, Community Residential Units (CRU) and co-operatives. Our experience and successful track record of constructing high-quality buildings has given us unique insight into the business challenges faced in the property development sphere; in the leisure and hotel industry; and in other industrial and commercial sectors. Our preferred methodology of working in close partnership with our clients, means that we are able to develop innovative solutions that address their requirements.


GZM’s experience in the building sector ranges from greenfield developments to inner city refurbishments, from standard tender contracts to design & build and concession contracts. We cover the full scope of traditional building construction including commercial, high-rise, industrial and service buildings; hotels and shopping centres; affordable and mass housing and residential developments; and specialist fit-out.


Our walk-up construction capabilities include schools, student residences, magistrate courts and police stations GZM’s multidisciplinary construction service offering to the Building sector extends to bulk earthworks, road development, geotechnical, piling and lateral support.

Transport Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Air and Marine)

As a leading specialist in the construction of roads, freeways and related structures and bridges, we are able to offer advanced technical expertise including the design and construction of incrementally launched bridges.


Our transport infrastructure construction capabilities include:


  • Airports (terminals, aprons, runways)


  • Bridges and related structures (incremental launch, cantilever, box girder, segmental)


  • Railways and stations


  • Roads and freeways (ranging from initial earthworks through to the surfacing, road marking, kerbing, recycling, upgrading)


  • Trenched optic fibre


  • Port and harbour facilities (including piling, quay walls, docks, breakwaters, jetties, caissons, shipyards)


  • Structural rehabilitation and concrete repair (land and sea). Decades of constructing land, air and sea transport infrastructure has given us an intimate insight and knowledge of the logistics involved when constructing within a fully operational transport nodes

Roads, Earthworks & Pipelines

Roads, Earthworks & Pipelines focuses on the construction of transport, township, mining and environmental infrastructure, including roads, bulk earthworks, landfill sites, decline shafts, terraces for new developments and municipal services.


Our environmentally-related projects include environmental rehabilitation and landfill gas recovery projects.


We have established a reputation as the premier pipeline specialist contractor within South Africa, where we undertake gas, water and sewerage pipeline construction. Our capabilities span a broad range of materials and our services span the full extent of pipeline construction and refurbishment, Bulk Earthworks, Blasting, Excavations, Terraces