Resourza (Pty) Limited

Resourza (Pty) Limited is a subsidiary company of the Motlekar Group

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Resourza Pty Ltd. is a Johannesburg, South Africa headquartered company that invests in the mining and mining services businesses in Africa. Resourza is led by a group of established individuals with a strong track record and is 100% black owned and managed.

This is how we are building the future of Africa

Resourza has raised millions of dollars from hedge funds and other financial institutions in the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States of America.


Resourza invests these funds in projects which are looking for investments but have a strong underlying asset and business model.


Resourza currently has a pipeline of projects worth USD ($) 83million that have been approved for investment and are currently being executed. A further USD ($) 300million worth of projects are currently under consideration.

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